Malaysia Embassy Attestation

Malaysia Embassy Attestation

Malaysia Embassy Attestation is needed when you want to travel to Malaysia for education or job purpose. We at NRIWAY help you with certificate Attestation for Malaysia.

Malaysia Embassy Attestation

Is it not attractive to work and settle in Malaysia, a country in Southeast Asia? It is the best option to develop a career in Malaysia, and it's lucky to be hired and get a job in Malaysia. Malaysia has become the world's third-largest producer, and one of the world's largest exporters, of semiconductors. As in neighboring Singapore, the Malaysian Government has played an active role in industrialization and economic development. Malaysia Embassy Attestation is required to go to Malaysia.

After being hired, the next requirement is to legalize the documents and educational certificates from the tenth standard till professional studies. This is where Malaysia Embassy Attestation steps in. It is required for the career prospects of the Indian Government as well as the Malaysian Embassy. Take the original educational certificates verified by the notary officials; if the documents are laminated, kindly remove the lamination and get it authenticated. Attach the authority letter from the concerned university/board. Then verify the educational documents from the school, college, university, and other government officials. Documents whether personal or educational must be verified for tracking the well-being and safety purpose of the candidate in a foreign nation. The Malaysia's top in-demand jobs are in the field of Engineering, Computer Science, Business, Actuarial Science, Occupational Safety and Health, Graphics and Multimedia Design, Medicine and Logistics and Supply Chain. Our Malaysia Embassy Attestation Services help you in getting Certificate Attestation for Malaysia.


Procedure for Malaysia Embassy Attestation

Let us discuss the procedure for getting Malaysia Embassy Attestation one by one:

  • Notarization: The primary step is to authenticate the personal documents, and educational certificates are getting certified by a notary of the respective states. It is obtained from the Notary public offices or lawyers. It is done before other attestation procedures so that it proves the facts that candidate is not indulged in any discrepancies with the concerned documents.

  • Sub-divisional magistrate attestation: Sub-divisional magistrate attestation or verification is required to check the authenticity of the content in the documents. The accuracy and validity of the contents are checked by the Sub-divisional magistrate. 

  • Home Department Attestation: Home Department Attestation has the complete responsibility to verify the documents from the issuing authority like the university and the applicant. Home Department (HD) is a state-level organization where an individual gets to verify his educational documents. HRD attestation is the process of authentication of educational documents. The HRD authentication centre is available in each state. At many cases, it is not required by the home department. After the satisfaction of the respective state's home department, the documents must be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for further attestation.

  • MEA attestation: The MEA is the arm of the central Government that manages foreign affairs, which will provide the apostille sticker and apostille stamp as per the requirement. Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA) is responsible for managing the foreign affairs of India. It required various documents like original educational certificates to get certified from the central Government. Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA) attests the documents and gives the Indian Government's final approval.

  • Malaysian Embassy Attestation: Malaysian Embassy, which is located in India, gives the approval to legal verification of the documents after approval from the Indian Government. After attestation from the Malaysian Embassy, the documents of the candidate gets legal authenticity and certification that the candidate is capable of working in Malaysia.

Malaysia Embassy Attestation Services we provide

Mentioned below are the Malaysia Embassy Attestation services we provide-

  • Degree certificate attestation/Degree certificate apostille for Malaysia 
  • Marriage certificate attestation/Marriage certificate apostille for Malaysia
  • Birth certificate attestation/Birth certificate apostille for Malaysia
  • Singlehood/ Bachelorhood certificate attestation/Singlehood/ Bachelorhood apostille for Malaysia

Documents required for Malaysia Embassy Attestation

Following are the documents required to be attested by the Malaysian embassy, the list is given below for your reference and perusal:

  • Original Documents and Certificates,

  • Photocopies of the Passport,

  • Set of passport size Photographs,

  • Applicant's covering letter,

  • Attested documents by MEA India

Time taken to get certificate attestation for Malaysia

The duration for the Malaysia Embassy Attestation depends on the availability of the original documents and the respective authorities. On average, it takes 15 to 20 days minimum to 3 months maximum to complete the whole process. If one has complete knowledge of the procedure of attestation of documents at the Malaysian Embassy, then the time span can be reduced. One can also take guidance from various agencies available in the market which are being aware of the government formalities and have good contacts with the government officials and authorities.


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Additional Payment terms

Government, Legal and incidental charges may apply. After verifying the documentation, we would let you know the additional payments required for this service.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancel your order within 48 Hours or if you do not want to proceed with additional payments . 100% refunds with no question asked.

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