Marks Transcript Certificate In India for NRI

Marks Transcript Certificate In India for NRI

A marks transcript is a comprehensive documentation of your marks or grades that have been produced by your university. It may also provide a general score for your aptitude. Apply for Online Transcript Certificate In India

What is Transcript?  Transcripts are a set of attested mark-sheets from first to last year. These mark-sheets are placed in a sealed envelope which is stamped and signed by the official along the flap of the envelope. As a service, the transcript procurement or authentication service is a type Educational Document Service used to approve or legitimize the authority of the document or documents in question. As a migrant who aspires to pursue education abroad, authenticating transcripts comes out as an essential Education Evaluation procedure for the host country.  Each set of transcripts, also known as attested mark-sheets from University, is issued in a separate envelope which is sealed, signed and stamped by the University Authorities. However, there may be exceptions such as, in the case of Mumbai University. In the case of Mumbai University, if you apply for 3 sets of transcripts from Mumbai University, you will receive 3 envelopes, each containing one set of transcripts.  Please scroll below to check out the sample images:  When does an NRI need their Transcripts? Transcripts are usually needed by candidates to apply for a permanent residency, higher education, visa, H1B, immigration etc. You will also need valid University transcripts for applying to WES evaluation (ECA) which is required for obtaining a job, pursuing education or seeking PR in Canada. It is important to note that you need to apply for transcripts from your university, unless your college is Autonomous. Getting your credentials evaluated, thus becomes an important part of migrating from India to the United States or Canada. Thus, to complete the process as easily as possible with the Education Evaluation Agencies such as the WES, IQAS, PEBC, NDEB, ICAS, NCESS, ICES, ECE etc,  you must have a transcript handy.  Transcripts and CRS points  In any event, if you have multiple post-secondary degrees, you normally only need to have the highest one examined. However, once you’re in the pool, you should have all of your certifications reviewed to ensure you obtain the maximum number of CRS points possible.   Documents Required Details are required as per the college request. Usually these details are basic and additional details are concerned with your college/ university credentials.   - Mark sheets of all semesters  Including details of ATKT’s or re-attempts - Degree certificate - Passport Copy  - WES academic request form (Canada PR Immigrant)   Steps For Registration 1. Place your order through the NRIWAY website, as directed on the portal 2. Your documents would be tracked and uploaded on the portal 3. The Verification for documents would be conducted and a quotation would be raised accordingly 4. An interim or advance payemnt would be raised  5. When the payment is made, the order starts getting processed  6. Final payment and unmaksed copy uploadIing is processed 7. Shipping charges raised for international order (domestic order shipments are free)  8. Order is dispatched    Procedure  Step 1:  Fill the shipping details by putting information like name, mobile number, pin code, and shipping address The registration process on the website will be the same. Once the order is completed, the university will ship the Transcript directly. Step 2: Check out request rundown by affirming the transportation address Step 3 After making the installment, download the screen capture of installment rundown containing exchange id as a future reference in the event of any exchange disappointment.  Benefits of registering with us  NRIWAY is here to help you out with all such NRI Educational Document Services. We will do all the groundwork necessary to make an application for Indian Mark Transcripts or reference letters while you carry on with applying for your Masters program in universities abroad. Our  Relationship Managers would deal with the whole thing from Marks Transcript to Degree Certificate covering all everyday activities and official procedures with ease.  Please note that: ? Client shall be accountable to provide all necessary credentials to us while we will help the customer in obtaining the educational documents and certificates. ? Depending on the complication of the job, our fees may show a discrepancy. ? Any extra costs incurred would be borne by the customer. ? NRIWAY cannot be held accountable for any technical delays or postponement due to inadequate or delayed information or certification provided by the customer.

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