UAE Embassy Attestation

UAE Embassy Attestation

UAE Embassy Attestation is needed when you want to travel to UAE for education or job purpose. We at NRIWAY help you with certificate Attestation for UAE.

UAE Embassy Attestation

Certificate Attestation from HRD, MEA Attestation, Home Department. The UAE Government needs all Personal or educational certificates, academic or professional, issued from India to get attested by the Consulate or Embassy in UAE for additional attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of UAE Government before awarding of UAE Visa. Our UAE Embassy Attestation Services help you in getting Certificate Attestation for UAE.


Procedure for UAE Embassy Attestation

Mentioned below is the procedure for UAE Embassy Attestation-


Certificates should get verified for UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah) legal reason. To start with, the Notary will get done. After getting validation from the Notary, you can submit the certificates for home department attestation, expressing that the Certificate is original and genuine to get further attested from the Home Department. 



First, you need to get a verification from the Home Department to present the documents to MEA. The Home Department verifies a certificate after checking the content of the predefined Certificate. Authentication is genuinely a precise portray of the originality of that predetermined Certificate. All the formalities and procedures stand the equivalent for UAE certificates bearing attestation and Abu Dhabi certificates attesting, certificates attestation for Dubai, and Sharjah certificates attesting. 

The State Human Resource Department (HRD) attests all certificates that Govt issues. Technical Board, Govt. School, Medical and Paramedical Institution, university and others. In the wake of finishing the attestation cycle, the authentication can continue to External Affairs and Embassy Attestation Ministry. You can do with the Mantralya validation additionally to get MEA confirmation. 



MEA authentication is under the service of external affairs govt. Of India. Ministry of External Affairs should attest all the certificates issued in India before submitting it to the UAE Embassy. Education department verification or home division attestation should get done for the MEA verification. MEA does the attestation for all non-educational certificates, educational certificates and commercial certificates. 


Certificate Attestation from HRD, MEA Attestation. The Government of UAE requires all personal or educational, academic or professional, issued from India to get attested by the Indian Embassy or Consulate in UAE for additional confirmation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of UAE Government before granting of UAE Visa. 

After getting a successful validation from MEA, you can then submit the certificates to the UAE Embassy for verification. The embassy will then attest to all non-educational, educational and commercial documents if the Certificate previously attested by MEA. 


The Sub Divisional Magistrate's office is located in Delhi. After getting Attestation from SDM, you can then present the Certificate to MEA attestation after that Embassy authentication of UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah). This is the whole process for UAE Embassy Attestation.


Best UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation Services 

We at NRIWAY undertake the below mentioned certificated for UAE Embassy Attestation

  1. Education Certificate Attestation for UAE

  • Educational certificate attestation

  • PG degree certificate attestation

  • UG degree certificate attestation

  • PhD degree certificate attestation

  • Diploma degree certificate attestation

  • Engineering degree certificate attestation

  • Medical degree certificate attestation

  • Management degree certificate attestation

  • Hotel management certificate attestation

  • Law degree certificate attestation

  • Professional degree certificate attestation

  • Technical degree certificate attestation


  1. Non- Education Certificate Attestation for UAE

  • Foreign Affairs (FA) Attestation/Legalization

  • Transfer Certificate (TC) Attestation

  • Salary Certificate Attestation

  • Birth Certificate Attestation

  • Equivalence Certificate

  • Death Certificate Attestation

  • Divorce Certificate Attestation

  • Medical Certificate Attestation

  • Experience/ Employment Certificate Attestation

  • Marriage Certificate Attestation

  • Single Status Certificate Attestation

  • Ministry of education department attestation

  • Ministry of health department attestation

  • Ministry of Justice attestation

  • Labour department attestation

  • Chamber of commerce attestation


We are doing a complete service by assuring the safety of your documents. 

We provide UAE embassy attestation in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh


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