Oman Embassy Attestation

Oman Embassy Attestation

Oman Embassy Attestation is needed when you want to travel to Oman for education or job purpose. We at NRIWAY help you with certificate Attestation for Oman.

Oman Embassy Attestation

Oman is one of the famous countries to welcome foreigners to stay, work and develop business and commercialization. Oman is the country that comes under the Hague Convention, so we have to proceed accordingly. The career opportunities are bigger here and respect the professionals. Documents must be attested and verified when one is planning to visit Oman for different purposes. This is the authentication process to verify and validates the genuinity of the documents of the arriver. Educational documents are required to be taken to the schools, colleges or universities official who might be time taking process, so it is suggested to get them attested from some professional who has valid degrees and registration numbers like lawyers and advocates. Our Oman Embassy Attestation Services help you in getting Certificate Attestation for Oman.

The persons and the agencies who are involved in the legalization of the documents are well versed with the procedure and all ups and downs that may come in the path of the candidate during the attestation process. So we must hire some legal professional to take attestation services for moving Oman, but must check the person's legitimacy to be safe from frauds and monetary losses.

Oman embassy attestation of the documents is required to study, visit, work, or doing business in Oman, and it is the first step to obtain Visa from the Embassy. It will give permission to an individual to reside and work there without any interruptions and questions. The documents from the Oman Embassy must be verified by a different government official at different levels. The attestation process gives the guarantee about the authenticity and trustworthiness of the individual and proves that he or she does not have any ill intentions. He is then permitted to enter in the country. Country people, officials, employers will have confidence in the individual. 


Oman Embassy Attestation Procedure

The Oman embassy attestation services procedure was decentralized in January 2019 by the Ministry of External Affairs to the local RPO's and Branch Secretariats. It comprises of the following process-

  • Notary: Notary is the regional level and first stage of attestation for the Oman embassy attestation process. It is to authenticate the personal documents, and educational certificates are getting certified by a notary or the University from where the documents were issued, as per the requirements or from the Chamber of Commerce in the case of commercialization.

  • (SHD) State Home Department or (HRD) Human Resource Department and (SDM) Sub-Divisional Magistrate: Next level of attestation is the state level authentication which includes three levels or departments as SHD, i.e., State Home Department, HRD, i.e., Human Resource Department And SDM, i.e. Dub-Divisional Magistrate. Sub-Divisional Magistrate attestation or verification is required to check the authenticity of the content in the documents. After the satisfaction of the state government departments, the documents will be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for further attestation.

  • MEA or Ministry of External Affairs: Ministry of External Affairs is the last stage of attestation from the home government officials, Ministry of External Affairs stamping will be attested on the documents. It is the central level organization that deals in external matters of the country.

  • Embassy attestation: Embassy attestation is done by the personal of the respective country, Oman in our case. It gives approval to the legal verification of the documents. Now an individual is just like getting a license of working and residing in the country; Oman.

Oman Embassy Attestation Services we provide

  • Degree certificate attestation/Degree certificate apostille for Oman 
  • Marriage certificate attestation/Marriage certificate apostille for Oman 
  • Birth certificate attestation/Birth certificate apostille for Oman 
  • Singlehood/ Bachelorhood certificate attestation/Degree certificate apostille for Oman 

Documents required for Oman Embassy Attestation

Following are the documents required to be attested by the Oman embassy, the list is given below for your reference and perusal:

  • Original Documents and Degree Certificates,

  • Marriage Certificate, if any,

  • PCC, Police Clearance Certificate.

  • Power of Attorney,

  • Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association in case of companies,

  • Medical Certificates,

  • Certificate of Incorporation, in case of companies,

  • Birth certificate,

  • Photocopies of the Passport,

  • Set of passport size Photographs,

  • Applicant's covering letter,

  • Attested documents by MEA India.

Time taken to get certificate attestation for Oman

The duration and cost for Oman Embassy Attestation depends on various factors; the duration of the whole process takes from days to months to complete.One can also take guidance from various agencies available in the market which are being aware of the government formalities and have good contacts with the government officials and authorities.

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Government, Legal and incidental charges may apply. After verifying the documentation, we would let you know the additional payments required for this service.

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