Apostille in India

Apostille in India

Apply for apostille of Indian documents for use in other countries

What is an Apostille?  An Apostille is a streamlined type of global documentation utilized by the Hague Convention nations for avoiding the utilization of unlawful foreign documents. One must take Apostille for the necessary documents while wanting to study or work in any Hague Convention nation.  An apostille certificate can be used to authenticate public documents such as a copy of a passport, a copy of a driver's licence, company documents, judgments, a registry extract, or a notarial attestation. 'Apostille' is a universal certificate verification method and now it is utilized in just about 92 nations on the planet. Most of the member countries of the Hague convention treaty are from the western world. The Hague convention Treaty introduced this new term 'Apostille' for the world.  When contrasted with attestation, Apostille is easier and simpler. The word 'Apostille' originated from the French language, to verify or ensure the significance of this term. Apostille stamp is a square-molded computer produced sticker stamp, and which will be affixed on the backside of the document. The MEA department in India is responsible for Apostille stamping, and they confirm the document with the Apostille stamp, which is attached to the backside of the document. There are three main categories of the Apostille, which are as follows- ? Educational certificate Apostille ? Non-educational certificate Apostille ? Commercial certificate Apostille    Why do NRIs need apostille certification?  Apostillation of the documents is required to phase out the necessity of document legalization when going to foreign countries to obtain employment or work visa, applying for permanent or temporary residency, for student visa or study abroad, import and export of business, etc. the apostille is important for the countries which are a part of the Hague apostille convention.   Documents Required ? Original certificate. ? Passport copy.  Steps Of Registration  1. Place your order through the NRIWAY website, as directed on the portal 2. Your documents would be tracked and uploaded on the portal 3. The Verification for documents would be conducted and a quotation would be raised accordingly 4. An interim or advance payemnt would be raised  5. When the payment is made, the order starts getting processed  6. Final payment and unmaksed copy uploadIing is processed 7. Shipping charges raised for international order (domestic order shipments are free)  8. Order is dispatched    Procedure   The steps of registration vary depending on the country whether it falls under the Apostille Convention or not.  For Authentication of Documents that are not under the Apostille Convention -  1. Authentication through the civil registration in the state of origin  2. Authentication through the Justice Ministry of the state of origin  3. Authentication through the Foreign ministry of the state of origin  4. Authnetication through the Foreign Ministry of the state of destination (SDM or SDM-WNR which will depend upon destination countries)  5. The apostilled document can finally be produced in the state of origin   For authentication of a Document under Apostille Convention  For the authentication of a document under Apostille Convention, the document only needs to be issued by the competent authority in state of origin and it is ready to be produced in the state of its origin.   Benefits of registering with us  ? We will take care of all the legwork required  ? The services at NRIWAY are rendered by  professionals in the required sector who have developed knowledge and skills through fieldwork to its customers. ? Agents' processes are thorough and accurate, ensuring that the final customer receives the finest possible result.  ? NRIWAY offers a cost-effective solution to the customer's various paperwork requirements for attestation of marriage certificates. ? All customers' service prices are the same at NRIWAY. As a result, there is no room for deception or prejudice in terms of services or costs.  ? Through two-way communication, NRIWAY focuses on developing strong and healthy relationships with its clients. Another advantage of using this platform is NRIWAY's customer assistance function, which is available through the forum.   Please note that: ? Client shall be accountable to provide all necessary credentials to us while we will help the customer in obtaining the educational documents and certificates. ? Depending on the complication of the job, our fees may show a discrepancy. ? Any extra costs incurred would be borne by the customer. ? NRIWAY cannot be held accountable for any technical delays or postponement due to inadequate or delayed information or certification provided by the customer. ? Additional documents may be required depending upon the customer’s location. 

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