Apostille in India

Apostille in India

Apply for apostille of Indian documents for use in other countries

Apostille is a global attestation which is done by the help of application form which is acceptable in around 92 western world countries related to the Hague Convention.

List of Countries Under The Membership of Hague Convention

Apostille is a computer-generated stamp in a square shape, stamped in the opposite of needed documents approved by MEA, Govt. of India. It has a different ID number, by which any associate nation of The Hague convention can verify its legitimacy online.

Attestation Vs Apostille and What is Their Importance: Apostille is a type of Attestation in which a document is authenticated by a stamp and it is acceptable as a verified document in 92 countries which are part of Hague Convention, 1961. An Apostille is a kind of square-shaped stamp affixing by MEA, Government of India on the back side of the document.

Similarly, Attestation is a process of checking the authenticity of a document as it makes it a proof of validity. Such authenticity is done by adding a sign of verifying personnel.

Importance: If you want to travel to another country you will need to apply for a visa and such type of travel formality of visa will be approved only if the attestation of documents is done by the authentic person.


Why the HRD/MEA Certificate Attestation is Needed in India?

Simply a signatory holds authority power to attest the documents to make them recognizable. Generally, apostille stamp India is done by Government, Semi-Government, or other legal authorities. 
Non-residents of India (NRIs), Person of Indian Origin (PIO), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) and Indian nationalists would require hrd attestation in India services at any phase of life.

Types of Certificate Attestation for Educational or Non-Educational Documents in India:

  • University Affiliation
  • Notarization
  • State Govt. Stamping
  • MEA Attestation

Duration: 3 to 5 Working days

Documents Requirement for Apostile in India:

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Authorization letter
Apostile from MEA



Additional Payment terms

Government, Legal and incidental charges may apply. After verifying the documentation, we would let you know the additional payments required for this service.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancel your order within 48 Hours or if you do not want to proceed with additional payments . 100% refunds with no question asked.

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