NRI Property Management Services in India

NRI Property Management Services in India

NRIWAY is one among the best professional End to End NRI Property Management Services in India. In an era where each service is being delivered at your front doorway if not your couch, presuming that real estate transactions can be annoyance-free is a myth.

Nri Property Management Services in India

Are you a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) financier who is living far off? Or are you too busy to mind the p’s and q’s of your property? Well, if yes, then NRIWay can help you manage your property and do good to you by renting out your property for excellent returns. You are one click away to find nri property management services in India so that it makes easy to hire and maintain a rental property. Go through step by step nri property managment services procedure in India for nri. All we need is your consent. We take all the accountability of your property for rent out, repair and maintenance, rental fee collection, on-time bill payments, the routine inquiry from renters, entrusting the property to leaseholder and the other way around.

How can I apply for NRI property management services in India?

To start with, we allot a single point contact for your entire communication with us across service requests for end to end property management services for nri. Besides, we provide you with precise, professional execution through the following procedure of Nri Property Management Services in India.

  • First-round visit to evaluate repair, utilities and society regulations

  • Photography of the property

  • Posting and publishing in multiple channels

  • Connect with prospective Tenant and Show flat

  • Negotiation – rent and term

  • Police Verification

  • Online Agreement registration

  • Collection of Security Deposit and 1st rent

  • Complete Society formality

  • Facilitate move –in

  • Ensure rent collection

  • Periodic Visit to Property

  • Repair and Maintenance

  • Payment to Statutory Authorities

  • Resolve Dispute, if any

  • Exit Formality

How property management services resolve the dispute if the tenant refuses to leave the rental property?

At NRIWAY, we believe that exercising watchfulness at the time of leasing the property is the only way to keep away from being in such a situation. NRIWAY is such an nri rental property management services/company in India ruling out every aspects of properties from tenant verification to the maintenance. Therefore, we make sure to check the background of a prospective leaseholder before signing the formalities. We request for a reference certificate from the leaseholder and also inquire about his past history. We make sure to ask for a permanent legal address as it may be handy if we ever require tracking down the renter. Last but not least, we verify his office address and cautiously go through the papers submitted. 

But a landlord can issue a “termination notice” if tenant refuses to leave the rental property. But if such termination notice or notice for vacate is properly served and still tenant refuse to leave, then landlord can file dispossession action in the local civil court, which after dues process, will cause an eviction notice by the court which will cause to terminate the tenant.

How does NRIWAY work to achieve NRI Property Management Services in India?

Well, all you need to do is book the service through our secure payment gateway. We will assign the service associate who will take care of signing the Property Management Agreement with you. Furthermore, rest is our responsibility to maintain and rent out your property. We need no more than your consent for any undertakings. You can calm down and lighten up while we take care of your property proficiently. NRIWAY assigns a property manager who takes care of every aspects of commercial, residential properties. Then Property Management Services for NRI is deemed the "landlord" when it is rented out.

Some Responsibilities of Property Manager are listed below:

  1. The property manager makes sure that rental property is properly maintained from repairs to the appearance of such properties.
  2. The property manager ensures on-time rent collection.
  3. Depending on the NRI Property Management Services agreement. a property manager may be in charge of selecting or rejecting tenants.

What Should NRI Property Management Services Agreement Include?

A Property agreement contains everything from lathe landlord and a property manager responsibilities so as they need to understand them better.  When you hire a property manager, you must understand all key points of lease agreementto avoid confusion.

Services and Fees: You must know the roles of a property manager and their charges for such activities. This charge may vary for the company to company and location of the rental property. Property Management fee is a fee that a Property Manager charges on behalf of NRI Rental Property Management Company/Services. Pay close attention to aware of the break down of fees and charges.

Liabilities: This part consists of an important clause which restricts harmful cases negligible for a property manager. Suppose a Property Manager hire a third party contractor and which cause a dispute, property manager would not be a victim for such cases.

Contract Duration: Most of nri rental property management companies/services sign a contract for at least one year. So property owner require to understand agreement carefully. If you terminate agreement contract, can cause extra fees to pay if you are not satisfied.

Termination Clause: You Landlord and NRI Rental Property Management Company both necessarily understand termination or cancellation clause.

 Here’s a short sketch of some of the significant areas that need to be incorporated into the nri Property Management Contract.

  • Renting of Premises
  • Employment of Personnel
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Service Contracts
  • Monthly Reports
  • Insurance
  • Major Repairs
  • Management Company’s Affiliates and Subsidiaries
  • Separation of Money
  • Arbitration and Attorney’s Fees
  • Termination

How much will NRIWay charge for NRI Property Management Services in India?

We believe that nri property management costs are far more intricate than the upfront cost. That is why we would love to spend some time discussing the price with our prospective clients. We will charge a nominal advance to book the service and once the service associate vets the property, we will give a detailed quote. If you don't like the quote, you can cancel the service and we will refund money. No questions asked!

What types of extra nri property management services related benefits will renter avail?

  • Transparency in our communication and transactions
  • We stay all ears to property owners
  • Assured and tailored attention
  • Lowest price and exceptional work assurance
  • Years of experience in property management
  • We possess powerful tools to get faster and improved results

Why should I trust on NRIWAY Property Management Services in India?

  • We always keep the best interest of our clients in mind when making choices regarding the properties we handle.
  • We are wholly dedicated to meet your property management requirements while you are out of the country or away from the property location.
  • NRIWAY is a full-service property management company that provides quite a few services serving individual NRI needs.

What property management services do if the rental house requires some repair, electrical or woodwork before, during, or after the tenant's stay?

Don’t worry! We’ll take full care of it related to nri property management queries of tenants.

What does Property Management Services in India like NRIWAY do?

Property management companies deal with all aspects of tenants, saving your precious time with guidance on marketing rentals. So NRIWAY helps you for rent collection, tenant screening, handling maintenance and repair issues.

What are the main services offered by property management services like NRIWAY?

Below are top-level services offered by property management in India.

  • Advertising property
  • Property furnishing
  • Rent collection
  • Managing property related accounts
  • Property updates by photography
  • Periodic checks for damages and related fixes
  • Plumbing and woodwork
  • Cross checks of all payments
  • Property tax payments
  • Keep posting of any update
  • Deep cleaning
  • Pest control
  • Deep cleaning, painting, furnishing
  • Electrical instruments health check-ups
  • Updating forthcoming events 

How will NRIWAY take care of the property management services-related documentation?

We encourage our customers to evaluate and analyze all nri property management contracts before you sign them. We persuade you to assess the contract carefully, so you are not taken aback by any hidden clauses. At NRIWAY, we wish to run a transparent business so you can always be on familiar terms with all the needed information and budget in view of that.

We provide NRI property management services in the following locations as well

  • NRI Property Management Services in Hyderabad 
  • NRI Property Management services in Chennai
  • NRI Property Management services in Pune

In Hyderabad, NRIWAY’s property management services will guide you to find all the information about a property and make it easier for you to buy that property reasonably. Moreover, we will help you find and buy a property as well as complete all the legal work. Thus, there will be nothing more convenient than NRIWAY’s Property management services for a client who is new in Hyderabad and is looking for a good place to stay. Even more so if you are an NRI and are still exploring the city

Many corporations are set up in Hyderabad, serving property-related legal issues for a very long time. Therefore, they keep a record of the available properties, along with their details and locality. 

Lawyers are hired by the Property management services companies who work for them and are highly determined in their work.

NRI property dispute India

Residents are often caught in situations where they seek legal advice for NRI property disputes in India. This is just because Property Fraud is a bane for NRIs who cannot constantly review the present status of their properties in India.  As the NRIs can’t visit India to take care of their properties, properties get targeted for illegal possession in their absence. And attending to the person would require you to make frequent trips to and from India, which is expensive and impractical.

NRI property disputes in India

As a non-resident Indian running your Indian property from the UK can be a difficult and time-consuming process. But, to secure your Indian property, be more proactive in your way, and this includes asking clear and brief advice from Indian-based advocates and/or appointing a guardian in your absence. Whereas serving to the matter in person would expect you to make regular trips to and from India, which is not only costly but also impractical.

Sadly, Indian property disputes are a frequent occurrence. It is essential to address a property dispute issue at the earliest moment. An Indian lawyer who is encountered in such matters will completely explain the different aspects of related law, including the legal structure. Seeking help from an expert Indian lawyer can help avoid serious, costly mistakes.



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