Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Kuwait Embassy Attestation is needed when you want to travel to Kuwait for education or job purpose. We at NRIWAY help you with certificate attestation for Kuwait.

Kuwait Embassy Attestation

Kuwait Embassy Attestation is needed when you want to travel to Kuwait for education or job purpose. Your non-educational or educational documents should be attested from this Embassy located in New Delhi India. Authorization for Kuwait is vital before one leaves India to this Gulf country for any legalized professional purposes. There is a particular procedure to be followed to get your documents attested from this Embassy. Our Kuwait Embassy Attestation services help you with certificate attestation for Kuwait.

Best Kuwait Embassy Attestation Services in India

We at Nriway Attestation Services provide full-fledged services for Kuwait Embassy Attestation for each one of those longing for travelling to this Gulf country for any reason. Our talented group of specialists responds to every one of your inquiries with the capable guidance to go to Kuwait with no difficulty. 

The reason behind Legalization for Kuwait Embassy 

You may be going for long-term settlements or short-term jobs in Kuwait. This is where Kuwait Embassy Attestation comes into the picture. Your non-educational or educational documents should be attested from the Authorized Kuwait Embassy office located at New Delhi. The primary purpose of the Attestation of documents from the Kuwait embassy are pointed out below: - 

  • For approving an Employment Visa offer from Kuwait 

  • It is needed for resident Visa in case you want to live in Kuwait. 

  • Obligatory for students and individuals obtaining higher education from Kuwait. 

  • Required if your kids need to take admission in Kuwait public schools. 

Kuwait Embassy Attestation Services we provide

  • Degree certificate attestation/Degree certificate apostille for Kuwait
  • Marriage certificate attestation/Marriage certificate apostille for Kuwait
  • Birth certificate attestation/Birth certificate apostille for Kuwait
  • Singlehood/ Bachelorhood certificate attestation or Singlehood/ Bachelorhood certificate apostille for Kuwait


Types of documents that the Kuwait Embassy attests

There are three kinds of documents for Kuwait Embassy Attestation. Non-education documents, educational documents, and commercial documents. The process followed for both types of documents varies slightly and requires to be done similarly. 

Steps involved in Attestation of educational documents from the Kuwait Embassy

  • Documents required to be attested first from HRD Attestation of the respective state. 

  • At that point, it is to be attested from MEA at New Delhi. 

  • The document then needs to be at finally attested by the Kuwait Embassy from New Delhi office.


Steps involved in Attestation of Non-Educational documents at the Kuwait Embassy 

  • Non-educational documents like Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificate Attestation are to be attested from the individual state's Home Department. 

  • At that point, it is to be verified from MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) at New Delhi. 

  • At last, it gets attested by the Kuwait Embassy Office at New Delhi. 


For getting Kuwait Embassy Attestation, certain authority charges levied upon the individual applying for Attestation. The charges rely on the type of documents, and you will come to know when you walk-in to the Kuwait Embassy office. 

Steps involved in Attestation of Commercial certificates at the Kuwait Embassy 

At the point when we say commercial certificates, it indicates the accompanying certificates however restricted to the list: - 

  • The agreement between two business entity 

  • A Business’s Certificate of Registration

  • Origin Certificate 

  • No Objection testament or NOC 

  • Goods Service Tax Certificate or GST


 Kuwait Embassy Attestation Procedure

At first, the documents need to be attested by the individual Chamber of Commerce. From that point, they are to be verified by MEA. Finally, they are to be authenticated from the Kuwait Embassy office located in New Delhi. 

How to Do Attestation of Documents from Kuwait Embassy? 

The Embassy of Kuwait is following a specific procedure to attest your documents in New Delhi, India. You can take help of Attestation Service organizations in India. The legalization cycle for Kuwait requires much time, and thus you should be intellectually ready for this and request to get your document authenticated from Kuwait Embassy. Else you can call us anytime for your  Kuwait Embassy Attestation. Call us once. We will contact you until your documents arrived at your home in the wake of getting authenticated from Kuwait Embassy. We take a little service charge for our work, which will help you save your money travelling to Kuwait Embassy and save you valuable time.


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