Bachelorhood Certificate Kolkata

Bachelorhood Certificate Kolkata

A Single Status Certificate, often known as a Bachelorhood certificate, is a document verifying one's bachelorhood.

Bachelorhood Certificate Kolkata

A Single Status Certificate, often known as a Bachelorhood certificate, is a document verifying one's bachelorhood. Or, to put it in other words, it is a legal document that states one's marital status by the nation’s judicial regulations. It is a self-sworn statement, not an official document, saying that the affiant is unmarried or has no dependents from any prior marriages (in the event of a divorce). This gives the affiant permission to marry in any country in the world.

Why do you need the attestation of the Bachelorhood certificate Kolkata?

It is not essential to establish that one is single or unmarried in India. However, almost every country in the world needs to verify that a person is single to solemnise a marriage in that country. This is to prevent polygamy and illegitimate marriages. A Bachelorhood certificate, commonly known as a CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage record), is needed to marry someone from another country. The credentials that prove your bachelorhood are sometimes referred to as the celibacy certificate or the certificate of no impediment.

A simple declaration expressing the marital status is not valid, and as a result, the certificate attestation or certificate apostille is needed. Document attestation refers to the native government's legalisation of your document to strengthen its authenticity. A certified apostille is required for some countries that are members of the Hague Convention. The Bachelorhood Certificate Attestation makes the document legal and acceptable in any country. Hence obtaining a bachelorhood certificate in Kolkata as an NRI is essential.

Who is the Issuing authority? 

There is no specific issuing authority in India because a Bachelorhood certificate is not essentially required in India. On the other hand, the affidavit can be prepared by a notary. It can be stamped by a District Magistrate (DM) or Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) after the appropriate proof of your bachelorhood is submitted. The affidavit must be subsequently submitted to the embassy certificate attestation and stamped with the Native Department/Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

How to avail Bachelorhood Certificate Kolkata?

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