Non- Availability of Birth Certificate

Non- Availability of Birth Certificate

Save a trip to the Department office with our Non- Availability of Birth Certificate application assistance services.


The Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC) is a document issued for unregistered Births. NABC is an official document stating that the birth records of a particular person is not available. The person might request for NABC (Non Availability of Birth Certificate) from the competent office in specific circumstances when the birth was not recorded due to various causes. It is an official statement saying that a person's birth record is not available. NABC is an official letter signed by the local registrar or the municipality department clearly mentioning that there is no record of your birth in the government records. Such a document is important to state to the USCIS as it serves as an immediate valid alternative to the Birth certificate to file for a USA green card. You will further need to submit an original Non availability birth certificate to the USCIS for filing the USA green card apart from other documents for I-485 filing. Similarly,  Australian, New Zealand, Netherlands Canadian, and other country immigration authorities will request either an original birth certificate or the Nonavailability of a birth certificate (NABC). Additionally, an NABC will also help you obtain your OCI Card just as your birth certificate would.  Over and above all the terms and conditions, if you are utilizing an NABC you might receive an RFE letter from the authorities which is only issued in case of non-availability of birth certificate, in contrast to a Birth Certificate.   


Steps For Registration

  1. Place your order through the NRIWAY website, as directed on the portal
  2. Your documents would be tracked and uploaded on the portal
  3. The Verification and quotation 
  4. Payemnt raise interim or advance 
  5. When the payment is made, the order starts getting processed 
  6. final payment and unmaksed copy upload 
  7. Shipping charges raised for international order (domestic order shipments are free) 
  8. Order is dispatched    



The standard cycle to get NABC is the same as that of a birth certificate procurement. The officials start by looking through the record first in the event that the record isn't accessible then NABC shall  be recieved. It is still critical to first do a search at the relevant birth registrar's office to ensure that no birth records are available. Once it's been established that the birth record isn't available, an application with supporting documents can be sent to the appropriate office. The online approach for obtaining this certificate in the national capital has simplified the process. Please note that the municipal office has a right to, and may ask for additional documents. Similarly, on the other end, the USCIS officer reviewing your application might need more information before he or she can make a decision. They issue an RFE  which is simply a request for more documentation. 


Step 1: Place an order for NABC certificate for the desired location on NRIWAY website

Step 2:  Provide the documents required to get NABC certificate

  • Address proof where the applicant was born.
  • Aadhar card (Applicant and parents)
  • SSC Marks sheet (Applicant)
  • Passport copy (Applicant and/or parents)
  • Voter Id (Applicant and parents)
  • Driving license.
  • Birthplace (Hospital Address or home)
  • Affidavit Details (if available)
  • School leaving certificate (Optional)
  • Questionnaire from NRIWAY


Note: Provide available documents to us as depending on the city, required documents changes. This is the exhaustive list of the documents used across the cities. Additional documents might be asked by the government office.

Step 3: Provider Additional Details for Non-Availability of Birth Certificate:

  • Child Name (Your Name):                         
  • Father's Name: Mother's Name:                                                     
  • Date of Birth Birthplace: Home/Hospital                              
  • Hospital Name (If applicable):
  • Birth Time Address:

Step 4: Service Provider will verify these documents and will provide the cost and estimate

Step 5: NRIWAY will share the information for cost and duration to the customer.

Step 6: Customer to approve or reject the estimate

1. NRIWAY raises additional payment requests.

2. Customer makes the payment to NRIWAY

3. NRIWAYs proceed with the order.

  • Customer rejects the estimate.

1. Customer to cancel the order online

2. Customer deletes all the documents.

3. NRIWAY starts refund process (Automated)

4. Customer receives refund in 3 to 5 working days

Step 7: If the customer approves the estimate and makes interim payment, the Service Provider will submit these documents to the local municipal office. We will apply for your certificate and will update in order. Once the birth record searching is done we will update.

Step 8: If the record is not found then the Non-availability of Birth certificate will be received from the local government office, and will be made available to you. 

Step 9 : Shipping  After final payment the documents will be shipped to your address. Kindly note the domestic shipping will be free and international shipping will be chargable. We will raise the final payment. Once final payment is made, we will upload a soft copy.  


Other Services we provide

  • Birth Affidavit
  • Birth Certificate Apostille
  • Birth certificate correction
  • Birth certificate name addition 

Documents Required 

  • SSC Marks sheet (Applicant)
  • Passport copy (Applicant and/or parents)
  • Address proof where the applicant was born.
  • Aadhar card (Applicant and parents)
  • Voter Id (Applicant and parents)
  • Driving license.
  • Birthplace (Hospital Address or home)
  • Affidavit Details 


Benefits of registering with us 

Where physical delivery is required within India, we will scan an image of the NABC and send it via email. Our birth certificate application support services can save you a trip to the Health Department. We'll take care of the laborious application process by giving you the information and paperwork you'll need to get your birth certificate swiftly. With the help of Vital Records, you may easily: You don't have to wait any longer to get the assistance you require with your application! We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will assist you throughout the application process. 


Please note that:

  • Client shall be accountable to provide all necessary credentials to us while we will help the customer in obtaining the educational documents and certificates.
  • Depending on the complication of the job, our fees may show a discrepancy.
  • Any extra costs incurred would be borne by the customer.
  • Also, NRIWAY cannot be held accountable for any technical delays or postponement due to inadequate or delayed information or certification provided by the customer.
  • Additional documents may be required depending upon the customer’s location. 



I already have my birth record available, is it possible to still get the NABC?

No, NRIWAY won’t be of help in such a case. NRIWAY agents will dedicatedly work to help you fetch your new birth certificate only if it’s not available in the first place or any information mentioned on the previous one like name, birth date or birth city is incorrect. In the latter case, supporting proof of identification is a must!


Is NABC accepted by USCIS?

Yes, NABC (Non-Availability of Birth Certificate) is accepted when applying for United States Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS). If you need assistance with the same, check out NRIWAY’s cost-effective approach in procuring your NABC.


Are handwritten documents accepted by USCIS?

No, in order to protect the economic interests of U.S. workers within the immigration system, your application will be straight away rejected by USCIS. Check out NRIWAY’S cost-effective services for procurement of your required document. We’re here to assist you 24*7.


I want to get a birth certificate but my place of birth on my passport and my residential address are different. Can you help?

We totally understand your concern. Place an order for a new birth certificate here and fill out the correct birth details when asked. Soon, service providers will reach out to you through NRIWAY with an estimated cost after validating the documents you have uploaded.


I want to get a digital copy of my birth certificate. Is it possible?

Yes, simply place an order for a birth certificate, fill out the required details, upload your original documents, and make an online payment. Service providers will fetch your new birth certificate and will email you a copy. It’ll even save you shipping charges!


I already have NABC issued. Is it possible to get a birth certificate?

Yes! Sign up on NRIWAY and place an order for a birth certificate. You’ll be reached out by service providers for the details you would like to have on your birth certificate. Share the correct details and they’ll get it done for you!


How can I verify the authenticity of the certificate(s)?

In case you’ve doubts cropping for the authenticity of certificates, check out the municipal corporation website. There you can easily verify your certificates and other documents. If you require assistance with the same, feel free to reach out to us at our helpdesk


I don’t have my parents ID proof. What will be the alternative document?

In case of the absence of your parents' ID proof, you can submit a digital copy of their passport front and back to process your order. Our agents will get back to you with the estimated cost after verifying all the submitted documents!




Additional Payment terms

Government, Legal and incidental charges may apply. After verifying the documentation, we would let you know the additional payments required for this service.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancel your order within 48 Hours or if you do not want to proceed with additional payments . 100% refunds with no question asked.

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