Single Status Certificate Apostille

Single Status Certificate Apostille

Single status certificate apostille is required for a single person to prove that he/she is not married. We provide single status certificate apostille services in India.


Single Status Certificate Apostille in India

A single status certificate is a crucial document that requires legislation. To prove one’s legitimacy, it is necessary to verify a single status certificate. The procedure of attestation is done by the government granting permission to enter abroad. The concerned government requires proof that the individual is single when he applies for the visa or provide attested documents. It is a mandatory part of the apostille process if an individual is unmarried and traveling abroad. 

What is an apostille?

Apostille is a French word meaning certification. It is attached to the original documents to verify if it’s legitimate and authentic so that it is accepted by the members of the Hague apostille convention. The member countries get a thorough idea of the procedure that needs to be followed for legal certifications. 

What is a single status certificate apostille, and why is it required?

Single status certification is required for legalization, where an attestation stamp is needed from the concerned authority. This is necessary for an individual to prove that he/she is single and unmarried. If one is traveling abroad, they need to show this document to prove their status as single. All the foreign countries need proof that the individuals permitted a single status document to avoid any fake single certificate issue. A single status certificate is also required if a person wants to marry a person from another country. If an individual is a widow or divorcee and wishes to marry again, they need to show the verified document. 

Who provides an apostille certificate in India?

The Hague convention gives the actual working procedure of the apostille. It has deployed authorities to look into all the legal proceedings and matters related to apostille. It is mostly the consol, embassies, local government, and court that handles the proceedings in all the countries. But the government of India has deployed its concerned authorities. The ministry of external affairs looks after the apostille certification in India. 

What is the procedure for single status certificate apostille in India?

The process of single status certificate apostille is not straightforward. It involves many steps and needs to be done sequentially. The procedure of Apostille in India include-

  1. The notary is the most fundamental requirement of any law concerning certification. The first and foremost process is to get a certificate by the notary that can be procured from the local notary in a signature and a stamp. 

  2. The second step is the legalization of documents by the home department. The state home department carries out certification for personal documents like the marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, etc. in case of a single status certificate, it is attested by the General Administrative Department (GAD) or Regional Administrative Department (RAC) and then,’ Home’ department of the state.

  3. In case the state home department is not available, then the documents can be alternatively attested by the sub-divisional magistrate. Other designated authorities include Section officer, Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner, Magistrate, Resident Commissioner, Chief Secretary, Joint Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Director, Deputy Director, etc.

  4. Then comes the role of the ministry of external affairs or MEA. It is the most considerable authority that holds the center stage in issuing the certificate. It is the last and final stage of authentication after the state home department. After this, an MEA stamp is applied to the document. 

  5. The last stage of most of the countries for an apostille is the embassy attestation. It is performed by the concerned government for which the documents are attested.

How much time does it take to get your single status certificate apostille in India?

The waiting period for the completion of apostille

Generally, it takes around 8 to 10 working days to complete the proceedings. It also depends on certain factors like for which country you mandate the attestation for, the sort of documents, or the state you need it from.

How much does it cost for a single status certificate apostille?

The single status certificate apostille cost varies from country to country and state to state. It can be high or low depending on the facilities provided, like attesting documents with pick up and drop service. 

What is all there in the apostille certificate?

The apostille certificate contains the following information-

  1. Header “APOSTILLE” with content of the convention de La Haye du 5 Octobre 1961

  2. Name of the country

  3. Document type

  4. Name of the document holder

  5. Name of the authority officer (MEA) sealed with his stamp.

  6. Date of issue

  7. Location of Apostille

  8. Reference Number

  9. Stamp and signature of the authority

How can NRIway help with a single status certificate apostille services for NRI?

With so many hectic procedures and steps, it is best to seek help from a professional. NRIWAY is the solution for all your administrative, educational, financial, and property-related issues the NRIs face. They need not bother or visit India for their problems. NRIWAY can help them by providing them hassle-free services at an affordable cost. It will help ease the procedures required for apostille and ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have trained and experienced staff that provides legitimate and explicit services. We also provide  24*7 customer queries support, transparency, no hidden charges, speed, accuracy, 100% guaranteed work satisfaction.NRIWAY is a perfect NRI partner that timely keeps track of your educational documents’ attestation, including HRD (Human Resource Development) attestation, MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation.

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