Indian Institute of  Technology ( IIT) Bombay Transcripts

Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT) Bombay Transcripts

We at NRIWAY strive to provide you with transcripts from Indian Institute of  Technology ( IIT) Bombay in the most effective way.

Indian Institute of  Technology ( IIT) Bombay Transcripts

Candidates mostly use transcripts to apply for admission or permanent residency, visa, immigration, etc. if anyone is applying for WES evaluation for a job, education, or Canada PR, one might require transcripts from the university. Students can apply online for obtaining transcripts from IIT Bombay and receive them at their postal address. Transcripts from IIT Bombay consist of 1-2 pages, including each subject’s grades from one semester to the last semester. IIT Bombay transcripts are sent in a separate sealed and stamped envelope. Transcripts are a mandatory part of documentation if you are applying for admission or a visa abroad. It is proof of all the assessments and tests that have been conducted by the educational institution. These are also required for securing a job abroad as many employers ask for transcripts to ensure that the hired employees are not fraudulent. 

If you are past alumni of IIT Bombay and are planning to settle abroad, you might require transcripts from IIT Bombay. 

What documents are required to get transcripts from IIT Bombay?

Documents required for getting IIT Bombay transcripts

The following documents are required to get transcripts from IIT Bombay-

  1. All the mark sheets

  2. Degree

  3. WES form

What is the process of getting transcripts from IIT Bombay?

Process of getting IIT Bombay transcripts

Getting transcripts issued from IIT Bombay is a pretty much simple and straightforward process. You can apply for your IIT Bombay transcripts online at the comfort of your home. If you live outside in any country, you can get your transcript by filling a simple form, paying the fee, and submitting some necessary documents. The process of getting transcripts from IIT Bombay include

  1. The name and details of academic records, i.e., batch, program, branch, year of graduation, and email for correspondence, need to be provided.

  2. And submission of an application that includes all the relevant information


How long does it take to issue an IIT Bombay transcript?

The processing time for issuing transcripts from IIT Bombay is usually 20 working days.

How NRIWAY helps in getting IIT Bombay transcripts?

While you are abroad and require your transcript on an urgent basis, you might have to seek professional help. NRIWAY comes to your rescue. They have trained and skilled employees who look after all the documentation and paperwork without you being troubled. You just need to provide them with the correct credentials and information and leave the rest on them. They save you from all the tedious governmental procedures and get your work done at a very minimal cost. NRIWAY will also provide the status of your application on a regular basis regularly.  NRIWAY provides you with IIT Bombay transcripts by performing all your everyday activities and official procedures with ease. 

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