NRI Rental Property Management Services

NRI Rental Property Management Services

Make sure you hire a rental property management company that keeps up to date all maintenance of a house. Leasing out your property or having a vacant property that is not being supervised is laden with potential threats. 

NRI Rental Property Management Services

Do you have trouble finding NRI Rental Property Management Services owning more than one property? No problem. We discovered an idea containing an unbeaten solution that makes us unique from our miracles. We started our successful journey by finding the right tenants to keep up to date your rentals property with the help of our NRI Property Rental Management Services. You can easily connect with us via a phone call or email just to get property management services in top metro cities of India including Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, etc. We are the top property management service providers dealing with all formalities before or during rental agreement between you and your tenant.

NRIWAY is a leading agency to provide NRI Rental Property Management Services in India that offers you absolute peace of mind. We are among the top  Rental Property management services/companies in India that take account of effective tenant management, property examination, home improvement, maintenance, and upkeep are intended to guarantee the security and protection of your property. We also provide Property Rental Management Services for NRI as well.

So, get all set to leave the hassles of NRI Rental Property Management Services to us and relish the fruits of your assets. We deal with all kinds of properties for NRI Rental Property Management Services like autonomous homes, apartments, workplaces, stores as well as other commercial spaces. We promise to take care of all your anxieties from leasing it to the competent tenants to tiny details of let-out the contract. Just leave the tenancy management qualms and fears to us and get pleasure from the results!

How does our NRI Rental Property Management Services help NRI landlord to rent out property in India?

At NRIWAY, the NRI Rental Property Management Services take account of:

  • First-round site visit to judge repair, utilities and society laws
  • Photography of the property
  • Posting and publishing in multiple channels
  • Connect with prospective Tenant and Show flat
  • Negotiation – rent and term
  • Police Verification
  • Online Agreement registration
  • Collection of Security Deposit and 1st rent
  • Complete Society formality
  • Facilitate move-in

We provide rental property management services for nri in India's major cities Hyderabad, Pune,  Bengaluru, Gurgaon , Delhi . Our professional rental property management services provide ultimate solutions for NRI people living abroad.

How does NRI Rental Property Management Services will deposit the rent and monthly leasing be taken care of?

If you own a rental property, deciding to work with rental property management company to represent better returns on your investments is a big decision. While working with such management company gives an hassle-free rent collection for less stress and less dedicated time. Every task, a property manager performs for rental property management includes promotional success of your property for progressive income. A Property Manager handles rental income, security deposits, and reserve funds etc. on behalf of owner. Here is a list of issues to review and many important questions to ask while hiring a rental property management company:

Payment to owner: 

  • Do they provide direct depost?
  • What exactly the day of month, they will deposit the rental income?
  • Will the deposits be for that month, or will the management company hold back a month?


  • Will they have advise on NRI tax deductions and benefits?
  • Will the NRI rental property management company provide you with an IRS-1099 and a summary profit and loss statement for tax purposes?


  • Do they keep record of proper documentation?
  • Do they provide all invoices against any illegal raised issues related to taxation.

Security Deposits:

  • Security deposits are important pillar for any coverage related to property damage and if they did not manage properly, obviously it may cause a loss in owner income

At NRIWAY, we collect the leasing amount and put it down in the bank account specified by you. If your property is commercial, we handle the contracts with the renters on a yearly or if necessary monthly basis. You also get the choice of having the cash paid to an individual specified by you (if possible, a family member or a close friend) – just the way you feel comfortable.

What types of extra benefits will I avail by hiring NRI rental property management services/companies?

You've decided to rent out your property and it's time to decide why you need to hire a Rental Property Management Company. At the first Go, you may find tasks simpler: rent collection, finding a tenant, and fixation of some repair issues related to toilets and kitchen tiles etc. But a landlord should keep a willingness to learn tools and tricks to do such tasks. No doubt, hiring a rental property management company costs upfront than you manage it own. But many extra benefits you can avail by giving your property in hand of a Experienced Property Manager. Hiring a Rental Property Management Services eliminates many of hassles for owning a rental property and saves a lot of time. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring a property management company.

  • Avoid Legal Issues
  • High Quality Tenants
  • Higher Tenant Retention
  • Low Maintenance Costs and higher ROI
  • Better Record Keeping and helping landlords against illegal taxation
  • Systematic Tenancy Management

Here’s what more you get with NRIWAY:

  • A trusted brand with considerable real estate experience
  • By no means, you will have to deal with touts
  • Periodic updates and balanced guidance
  • Committed client support and out-and-out technology platform
  • Proficiency in dealing with difficult property issues
  • Avail services from anyplace
  • Your interests are most important to us
  • You save valuable time, as we will do all the running around
  • An impaneled panel of experienced legal representatives
  • Personal information and papers are always kept off the record

What Should a NRI Rental Property Management Services Contract Include?

Managing Rental Property in India is bit difficult for NRIs. Many of NRIs hold premium real estate in India for property investments. NRI must have Power of Attorney for property transactions to occur smoothy without any tenancy hassles. A landlord and a tenant both understand their liabilities. In other words, a tenant can apply for e-registration of rent agreement. Rental Agreement is a documentary process in which Renter fills out the application form including Flat number details, area pin code, mobile number, and flat number etc. Apart from tenant details and property details, a renter must understand the different clauses containing overstay, non-refund of security by tenant and more. Check out advanced clauses mentioned below.

  • Failure of rent payment
  • Refund of security deposit
  • Painting
  • Food habits
  • Overstay
  • Representation by tenant
  • Representation by landlord

NRIWAY makes sure that your rent agreement is in your best interest and customized to your property. Here are some of the most important things we include in our Tenancy Management Contract.

  • The term of the tenancy
  • Names of all tenants
  • Deposits and fees
  • Limits on occupancy
  • The amount of rent
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Entry to the rental property
  • Restrictions on illegal tenant activity
  • Appropriate laws together with lease control ordinances, health and safety codes, tenancy rules, as well as anti-discrimination bylaws

How does NRI Rental Property Management Services protect your property in India?

Non-Resedent Indians residing outside India face many of common issues by tenants who refuse to vacate their premises even landlords make many requests. But hiring a rental property management company makes a hassle free attempt for you. For example if a tenant refuses to leave the property, in such situation a landlord generate a legal notice to termination. But sometimes what happens is that tenant may rudely behave. The landlord are authorised to file the case in local court if he/she deny to leave. As a result advocates file the notice against him/her to take an action.

We perform regular inspections at periodic intervals or on a required basis as incorporated in the package.India,s top rental managemnt company work for us. Actual visits take place with prior appointment subject to availability of the leaseholder. After the inspection, we send a report, and extra visits are charged independently. Besides, we arrange for any interior repairs that are needed to be accomplished and charge the fee to the occupant.

Why should I trust NRIWAY for the NRI Rental Property Management Services in India?

Landlord can hire a rental property management company for inspection, maintenance, repairing purposes. So a landlord is responsible to protect his/her rental property even if he/she stay outside India. That tenancy management may occur either for investments income. The tenant must look for a trusted rental partner to help out in legal issues to avoid disputes between tenant and landlords. 

At NRIWAY, we get things done in a transparent, proficient, balanced and dependable way that is something unheard of in the real estate business. That turns out to be the critical difference. We believe that trust cannot be fabricated overnight or through an enormous branding exercise, it can only come with outstanding and dependable service. So, if you are somebody in the hunt for peace of mind when it comes to your tenancy management, NRIWAY is the place to head for.

Who is NRI Rental Property Management Services/Companies servicing for?

One of the most significant decisions you will make as a property-owner is if you must employ the Property management services for NRI. For a good number of property-owners, there comes the point when you find yourself wondering, "When should a landlord hire a rental property management company?" For some property-owners, problems with time and hassle involved with supervising a rental play into the judgment. For others, the freedom to put in some money on long-distance properties effortlessly, factor into the preference of employing a property manager. 

NRIWAY works for NRIs who don’t have the time to go through the route of renter-hunting or tenancy management themselves. No matter if you possess a residential, business or retail property, we will find dependable tenants for you, filtered and chosen by our knowledgeable and well-trained property supervisors. Our leaseholder management services are helpful to all groups of property landlords: local, out-station as well as NRIs.

What NRI Rental Property Management Services do if the tenant damages the property?

NRIWAY offers personalized tenancy management services, determined by a team of dedicated experts, experienced in all phases of Rental management. Their understanding, knowledge, and competent management make sure that your rental property is protected and you are cosseted from property-related hassles.

NRI Rental property management services forestall probable troubles by taking accountability for:

  • Leaseholder search and selection
  • Condition and protection of the property
  • Property inspection
  • Evictions
  • Rent addendums
  • Lease Terminating
  • Managing security deposits
  • Rental fee collection

What action a landlord authorized to take, on behalf of NRI rental property management services/company if the tenant decides to leave midway through the lease?

We provide more than a few services, ranging from frequent inspection of your property to finding, authenticating certificates, and supervising lessees; and from collecting rental fees on your behalf to addressing other requirements, you might have. As soon as we consent on an appropriate renter, our panel deals directly with the occupant on matters relating to rental fee collection, property protection, legal issues, and more — letting you take pleasure in complete peace of mind and your mounting investment.

NRI property protection in India

NRI person with a valid visa can purchase numbers for properties like residential or commercial. As the NRIs may or may not visit India to take care of their properties, properties get targeted for illegal possession in their absence. As NRIs stay far away from their native place, they should always ensure safety of the property. They can Check for -

• Fake documents-  By offering bogus or false documents, they scare owners about their legal right to the property. 

• Tenant occupation- When a householder illegally occupies a property, it gets tough for an owner to ask a tenant to leave. The Indian law has strongly encouraged tenants in various cases, which has hurried the illegal possessors


Additional Payment terms

Government, Legal and incidental charges may apply. After verifying the documentation, we would let you know the additional payments required for this service.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancel your order within 48 Hours or if you do not want to proceed with additional payments . 100% refunds with no question asked.

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