Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad

Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad

A birth certificate is an important personal document that helps get admission for a child in schools in his/her birth country or even overseas. 

Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad

There are four steps involved in the process of Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad:

  • Attestation by Notary Advocate which depends on the State

  • ADM Attestation depends on State and is not mandatory for all

  • Attestation from State GAD Department, which depends on State and is also not compulsory for all

  • Apostille from MEA or Ministry of External Affairs of India

What is a Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad?

The Hague Convention Abolishing the need for Attestation or legalization for foreign certificates, the Apostille convention is known as a Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad.

Or, The Apostille agreement is an International pact that the Hague Conference summarizes on Private International Law. It stresses the modalities through which a document issued in one of the signatory nations can be approved for legal purposes in all the other signatory nations. Such documentation is known as an Apostille and is international documentation similar to a Notarization in Indian Law.

GAD or the Home Department, HRD or the State Education Department, Mantralaya, MEA or Ministry of External Affairs, MHRD, Notary, SDM and the Embassy Attestation and Legalization is involved in the Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad.

NRIWAY is a registered private company that provides Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad and Embassy Legalization or Apostille services for the overseas use of certificates.

Note on Birth Certificate Attestation in Allahabad

Apostille or Attestation is needed for HCCH or the Hague Convention Country across the globe; around 97 countries are present, and Hague Conventions are growing. All the Certificate, as mentioned earlier, Attestation procedure, especially the Attestation, is a must. The Attestation from Notary could be performed from anywhere in India for any Indian document. But a few nations need the Notarization from the State of issuance of the Certificate. All the attestation procedures could be achieved on the original document. But some nations require the translation copy of the legalized document issued in India in the English language to their own nation’s languages. The translation requirement could differ from country to country. A few of them need the Translated Certificate after the entire Attestation procedure, and on the other forward country needs the Translated Certificate to be attested.

Some countries need both the Translated and original documents to be legalized. In such circumstances, the issuance of the document and the complete Attestation will be completed within six months. In contrast, some nations demand the reissued or the fresh attested document.



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