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A Guide to Obtain A Non-Available Birth Certificate

Besides the conventional method, did you know of any other method to obtain your birth certificate? Sounds unsettling right? Every problem, although, has a multiple potential solutions. So what's all the difficulties and solutions to getting a birth certificate that isn't available?

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Embassy Attestation Services (What Are They And Why Will You Need Them)

An embassy attestation is a process of authenticating a potential migrant’s documents through stamps and seals of the person’s home country. It is a policy accepted worldwide and  countries across the globe  acknowledge and accept this protocol as a mark of authentication for an individual. This protocol is fulfilled through a unique ‘confirmation’ in the form of stamp hence labelled as an  ‘Embassy Attestation'.

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Importance of a Single Status Certificate in foreign countries

A Single Status Certificate is a required personal document that must be legalised. The verification of the Single Status Certificate is critical for confirming your authenticity. The native government implements the attestation procedure, which grants permission to visit the country from abroad. When applying for a visa or providing certified papers, the applicable government agency will seek proof that you are an eligible candidate. In addition, the authentication procedure for Single Status Certificate attestation in India is time-consuming and tedious. There are a variety of suppliers who require document attestation till the ultimate one.

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What is an MEA Apostille? What are the uses of an MEA Apostille?

Apostille is a method of authenticating papers. Documents that have received an apostille are acceptable in nations signatories to the Hague Convention. The Ministry of External Affairs is abbreviated as MEA. The Ministry of external affairs oversees a country's overseas relations. The MEA apostille is the Ministry of foreign affairs attestation of papers used overseas. The MEA apostille is recognized by nations signatories to the Hague Convention.   

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