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Know the score before buying a property in India

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Whether real estate market remains degrowing, NRIs tend to invest properties back in India. Most of the policies come into action by government as such GST and RERA has boosted the confidence and made a full transparency to streamline the property buying process.

The main reason for such interest in real estate of NRIs arose due to depreciation in rupee value than US dollar. As a result, major no. of NRIs, PIOs are buying properties in bulk with a collaboration with partners. And, off course property developers provide discounts, apart from other payments plan related benefits to attract more resident Indian towards investments in this area.

Historically, NRIs prefer the luxury homes for higher returns on rental income and better long-term investments. Indian luxurious developers are taking high luxury home seriously to appeal them as world high class property.

We are listing out important documents required to buy a property for rental income:

  • The property’s title deed
  • Last tax reciepts
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Approved project plan
  • Notice of commencement
  • Pan Card

Check out appropriate returns on investments that NRIs expect from different real estate assets:


Property Segemnt  Expected ROI  
Affordable  8-10%  
Mid-segment  6-8%  
Luxury  3-5%  
Ultra-luxury  2-3%  


Property TyoeProjected Rental YieldProjected Capital Appreciation
Grade A office8-10%10-12%
Grade B office5-7%6-8%

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