H1 B Visa FY 2019-Suspension in Premium Processing Time Causes Delay Crisis Further

USCIS provide regular and premium processing for H1 B Visa immigrants. As we started writing everything about H1 B from eligibility criteria for high skilled employees or spouses, to the latest tracking of premium processing services. Therefore, Non-Residents can apply for either regular or Premium Services to receive H1 B Visa so that they can travel to abroad for their dreamful motto.

As you know USCIS took longer time for FY 2019 H1 B petitions than previous years. Many of Indian still waiting since October. Main Reason for such delays are major changes in Trump Administration rules which has been taken in last year. Premium Processing is major part for authenticity of H1 B Visa, which was addressed delaying Upto Feb, 2019. But USCIS addressed many petitions request in FY 2019 for Premium Processing time. Firstly they need to priortize them within 15 Calender Days as a work permit but it seems to extending for more time. There are two options available for H1 B Visa application (a) Regular Processing (b) Premium Processing. In short, USCIS does not ensure any fixed turn around time for regular processing so it may take 2 months, 3 months or 6 months. But Premium Processing takes 15 days according to Calender days but may extends due to any rule Updation.

Many of you are worried about that delaying process in H1 B Visa Premium processing, and seeing status like “under review” or “case is received” then keep updated via NRIWAY recent blogs.

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