Marriage certificate attestation in India

Marriage certificate attestation in India

Marriage certificate attestation is an act wherein a person's marriage certificate is verified and sealed by legal authorities for international usage.

Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

Marriage certificate attestation is an act wherein a person's marriage certificate is verified and sealed by legal authorities for international usage. A person who is married and wishes to travel internationally has to do mandatory marriage certificate attestation. Marriage certificate attestation is essential to prove the relationship status of an individual internationally. A marriage certificate is a vital official record that demonstrates that the two persons mentioned in the certificate are legally married. The concerning legal authority issues the certificate. Important details such as the names of the married individuals, their age, date of marriage, place, etc., are mentioned in the certificate. Once the marriage certificate attestation is done, it lets married couples migrate and settle in foreign countries. We at NRIWAY help you with Marriage Certificate Attestation in India.

Marriage certificate attestation helps a person in many different ways, such as:

  • For resident visa abroad

  • For employment

  • For a trip to a foreign country with a family

  • To gain a dependent visa

  • For educational purposes 

The procedure of marriage attestation needs to be followed seriously. It is crucial to get the marriage certificate attested by all the legal authorities required. 

Documents required for marriage certificate attestation:

  • Original marriage certificate.

  • Passport copy.

The required documents have to be original and legitimate for it to be considered for the attestation procedures. Procedures of marriage certificate attestation:

  • Notary attestation.

  • Home department attestation.

  • Ministry of external affairs

  • Embassy attestation.

  • Ministry of foreign affairs

These are the crucial procedures to be carried out for marriage certificate attestation. These documents are then signed by and sealed by the concerned authorities. Once the marriage certificate attestation is done, it increases the certificate's trust and credibility for international usage. A marriage certificate is an official that document acts as legal proof for the marriage between two persons. It helps the 2 married individuals show the realness of their marriage to the immigration officials. 

If someone gets a job abroad and he/she wants to take their partner with them, this is where marriage certificate attestation comes into the picture. To use your marriage certificate internationally, its authenticity needs to be confirmed first. If not done so, you can get into serious trouble. Once the marriage certificate attestation is done, it lets people travel to any country without legal issues. All the procedures need to be followed correctly to get your marriage certificate attested. When a family is travelling to foreign countries for various purposes, Marriage certificate attestation becomes extremely important.

Marriage certificate attestation is vital if a married couple wishes to live together in a foreign country. It is an obligatory document to prove that your marriage is legal. It is useful when having a child and during admission of your child in schools of the foreign countries. Thus marriage certificate attestation is a mandatory process if you wish to move to foreign countries along with your family. The marriage certificate attestation makes your international dealings fast and easy.


Why would NRIs need Marriage Certificate Attestation?

NRIs need an attested Marriage Certificate to use as official proof of their marriage for procedures, including applying for a visa for their partner, or the birth certificate of their kids born abroad. One needs to follow the hierarchy of attestation services to get Marriage Certificate Attestation done.


What is the process for getting a Marriage Certificate Attestation in India?

A sequence of attestation such as Notary attestation, Home department attestation, Embassy attestation is needed to get your Marriage Certificate Attestation in India. It can be done by applying for it online with the help of agents or private agencies.


How does NRIWAY help with Marriage certificate attestation?

NRIWAY offers its customers professionals in the necessary field who have gained knowledge and expertise through fieldwork. The process of agents is also rigorous and is precise so that the end customer gets the best outcome. NRIWAY provides a cost-effective experience to the customer's different documentation requirements regarding the marriage certificate attestation.

The service prices at NRIWAY are the same for all customers. Hence there is no scope of deception or partiality in the services or the costs. NRIWAY focuses on building robust and healthy relations with its clients through two-way communication. NRIWAY's customer service facility that the forum offers is another beneficial aspect of availing this platform. Officials at NRIWAY guide you in all the multifaceted issues you may face regarding the marriage certificate attestation.  


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) about Marriage Certificate Attestation in India

Q. Can someone else get the marriage certificate attestation done for me?

A.Yes, you can get your marriage certificate attestation done with the help of an agent. 


Q. What are the documents required for getting a marriage certificate attestation in India?

A.You will need your original marriage certificate and your Passport copy for getting a marriage certificate attestation in India.


Q. Is it mandatory to get a marriage certificate attestation done if I am travelling to the US with my family?

A.Yes, if someone is travelling to the US or any other country, getting your marriage certificate attested by legal authorities is important.


Q. What is the procedure for getting a marriage certificate if I got married in a foreign country?

A.If one gets married in a foreign country, witnessed will be required and important details such as place, date and time of the marriage will be needed.


Q. Can wedding photos be considered proof enough of a valid marriage?

A.No, just wedding photos will not be considered as proof for a marriage. A marriage needs legal documents like a marriage certificate issued by the legal authorities as proof that a marriage is legitimate. 


Q.How soon should I get my marriage certificate after my wedding?

A.One should get the Marriage certificate process done within 30 days after their marriage date.


Additional Payment terms

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