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How Does an NRI Get University Transcripts Without Travelling?


So the first question that anyone would wonder is, what are transcripts, and how can an NRI get university transcripts without visiting the university?

Transcripts are a recognized document that is made valid by the registrar of the university. It is also known as a consolidated mark sheet published in the official paper and attested by the registrar or dean. Generally, transcripts are required for taking admission to foreign universities or employment abroad and is a payable service.

Students or aspirants who plan to migrate or have migrated abroad require the Transcript to be vital.

What is a university transcript certificate?

In India, a transcript or Transcript certificate stands for a mark sheet and is called by that name. the name is popular among the college and is known in the UK, the USA, and other countries.

Indian universities conduct semester wise exams. It creates glitches for the college’s chairperson or dean, who has to attest six-mark sheets separately. It is where the role Transcript plays an important role. The transcripts display consolidated mark that is a compilation of all semester marks.

The Americans commonly call transcripts or Transcript of Records (ToR) call it the Cumulative Record File (CRF).

Why do you need a transcript certificate?

Academy Transcripts are required to submit that you are a graduate or a post-graduate when you get a call from a foreign institution or university to work there.

Official NRI University Transcript and Unofficial NRI University Transcript

Official Transcript: An official transcript is published in the official paper and shows a chronological list of the applicant’s academic scores. It carried the stamp of the university and thus is called an official transcript. It should also be necessarily attested by the college or university registrar and sealed in an envelope.

Unofficial Transcript: it is an uncertified and unstamped copy of the academic scores and is published in the white paper for one’s personal use.

NRI university transcripts and how to get university transcripts without traveling?

NRI can get University transcripts through NRIway services.

Through the online method, the university decides whether or not it provides this particular facility. NRI university transcripts, if given or not, should be checked by opening the website of the university. You will need to download the request form for a transcript and fill it and upload the scanned copy. The next step is to download three forms: the self-declaration form, challan copy, and application form. Finally, you will have to send a courier.

What is the time a university needs to give an NRI university transcript?

It ultimately depends on the university and its norms and typically takes around 60 days to complete the whole process.

How can an NRI get university transcript ?

Consider the following steps to get your university transcripts and discuss the urgency to get the Transcript an NRI needs to start higher studies or employment.

1.Contact the staff of the university.

2. Contact the university’s registrar or the director of the examination, and they can help you know the accurate system for it.

3. To get NRI university transcripts, you need to request them online. Mainly you will have to make an order with all the required papers and state the delivery address. The transcripts get delivered to you within a week.
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